Hey cousin! I’ve created a space that serves as the family reunion that helps women of color reunite with the version of themselves they were madly in love with before being introduced to the BS that life came with. This is a community of unmatched love, light and real ninja occurrences. We’ll have your back and hold you accountable while you show up authentically. It’s the come to Jesus moments, the edge snatches, warm embraces, and the choir of your homegirls rhythmically chanting ayeeee for your wins that’ll keep you going.

Come in and pass the prayer, peas, and the pre-rolls.



It's time to find yourself and put that 2 step back in your step. Click below to grab Harpo, who dis woman? 


Your free guide to discovering your true self (if you haven't already filled out the pop up). This guide was created to help you reintroduce yourself to the world. 


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