If you're ready to start showing up as the woman of your dreams, you're in the right spot. 



You’ll have to dig deep to discover yourself and find your magic. Dig deeper than that man did after admiring that arch in your back while gifting you with the present wrapped in grey sweatpants. Deeper than that investigation into all of his social media accounts before finally deciding to give him a chance. 

It's time to find yourself and put that 2 step back in your step. Click below to grab Harpo, who dis woman? your free guide to discovering your true self (if you haven't already filled out the pop up). This guide was created to help you reintroduce yourself to the world. 


I want to tell you about my happy hoe life, otherwise known as the under-appreciated hoe phase. It was a great and grand period of self discovery for me. I was carelessly floating through life; but successfully exploring my sexuality, my relationship preferences, and the art of climax. I was figuring out exactly who the fuck I was and what I truly deserved and desired in and out of the bedroom.  

It was through those experiences that I was able to grow. That timid little girl became a grown ass black woman with a lot to say. 


I had to deal with the passion-filled situation-ships and other bullshit occurrences to birth this badass woman with a bomb ass life. I had to experience. I had to explore. I had to try out things and people to understand me. 

I share my stories and air my dirty laundry, in hopes that my experiences will empower and encourage the next woman. They may even stop her from making the same dumbass decisions that I did. 

Now, It's your turn to talk your shit & be heard. 

Your voice matters and it will be heard without judgment by an open-minded audience that is as supportive as Regina King.



I remember sitting up in the room and being asked to leave because they were discussing “grown folks business”. I wanted to be a part of this super elite and secretive society. I wanted so badly to be a part of the conversation and when I finally crossed over into adulthood.

I wanted out. Or so I thought I did. It took some time but after finally getting to a comfortable spot in life, I realized I didn’t want out of adulthood. I wanted to be connected with like-minded women who understood where I was. 

Ever imagine a space that’s just like laying on your home girl’s couch, crying, venting, and bitching as if it was a confessional, where you could just snatch your wig off and let it all hang loose? Well, you don’t have to imagine anymore. It’s here!

I created this group after being stood up by all of my “homegirls” for my bachelorette party and a long and lonely battle with depression. I needed to meet and bond with some real ass and ride or die women. I couldn’t find that space so I created it and invited you to it!









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"Get Your SHIFT Together" Course

The grass once looked greener on the other side, but once I started making some green of my own, I realized that “this ain’t it”. I had bossed TF up and became booked and busy but I still felt unfulfilled and unhappy. The bills weren’t pilled up and I wasn’t dealing with breakups but I had been introduced to a whole new beast called burnout. 

I started to imagine a new woman. This wasn’t the woman I signed up to be. She was not stressed out, she was listening to Tupac and burning sage, while planning a trip to Bali. She was not struggling to balance being bomb AF in business, bending it over for her man, and being a damn good mom. She had it ALL, but she was not losing her sanity to maintain it.

Sundays are for day drinking, not deadlines. As strongly as I felt about that, I needed to feel as strongly in creating a new norm. I didn’t know where I would end up in life but I knew that being black AND being a woman, I had been blessed with an unfair advantage. I would be invincible. I would be unstoppable. I would be magical AF. I would be a grown ass black woman with the audacity to believe that she was born to win.  Now, I’m here to show you how to stop asking for permission and start demanding what you desire.

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