3 Sausages in a Birthday Cake Part 2

7 am.

Who is knocking on my door this early? We legit never have company over (we normally go to their spot) and especially not at this hour.

I stay with my cousin in this 2 bedroom townhome pretty much in the middle of nowhere. It’s definitely an invite only kinda thing.

So again, who the hell could this be?

I rub my eyes, grab my robe and head downstairs to answer the door. I look through the peephole and it’s Dwayne with some dude.

Dwayne is my cousin’s latest boy toy. He’s pretty cool and all but I’m sure he’s just the freak of the week. Tiara isn’t for commitment and Dwayne doesn’t seem like the dude who’s going to change her mind so there’s that.

I open the door and they barge in before I can even get any words out.

I want to speak on how rude that shit was but I can’t help but notice how fine this stranger is standing in my house.

Who is this dude with Dwayne? Before I can even ask, here comes Tiara running down the stairs.

“Kim, this Brian. Happy Birthday!”

Wait, what?! Was I hearing things?

She saw the confusion on my face and so did Dwayne. Shit everybody did.

“This my homeboy, Brian. He came over to wish you a Happy Birthday!” Dwayne said nervously.

My eyes go back and forth to everyone in the room before they rest on Brian who’s standing there with this devilish grin. He’s about 5’7 with perfect brown skin appearing to be kissed by cocoa butter, slim but buff, clean cut with this amazing beard. Then to top it off, his outfit is everything.

If I didn’t know any better I could have sworn I picked him out myself.

After the night I had and the disappointment I felt, I didn’t even question it. Without another word, I grab Brian’s hand and head to my bedroom.

WTF? Was I crazy? Desperate or delusional? Fuck it. Don’t judge me, judge ya mama.

It’s my birthday and so…

We sat on my bed and small talked for a good 30 minutes before his hand started creeping up my thigh.

“Yes! yes! yes! Let this happen. I want this. I need this.” I’m screaming inside while I’m dripping a puddle of anticipation.

Inner me is like:

We start kissing and before you know it the robe is off and his fingers are playing between my legs. I’m moaning and moving my hips to enjoy the ride. If I wasn’t ready moments after I opened the door, I sure was now.

This fine ass man arrived on my doorstep like a package and his package was quite impressive if I must add. I couldn’t wait to feel him inside of me.

I couldn’t wait another minute, the teasing was taunting me. “I need to feel you…” I whispered in his ear licking and sucking on his earlobe. He pulled his fingers out of my pussy, took his fingers to his lips then sucked my juices off of them. “I got you.” he responded.

He lays me down, spreads my legs and starts to lick away. His mouth was amazing. I’ve had some good head before but this head was GREAT.

He rolls me over, puts on a condom and enters me from behind. I’m so ready.

Am I enjoying it?


I signal for him to switch positions. I return to laying down and before I can get comfortable underneath him. You guessed it! There’s a grunt as he releases inside.

How was it? Fucking trash.

I must be getting pranked because THIS AINT IT!

How could he be so blessed and can’t even work with what he has?

I don’t even get up this time. I just lay there with my thoughts. He kisses my forehead and gets up from the bed.

As he’s putting on his clothes, he smiles and says “You did your shit, love. Happy Birthday!” I roll my eyes and smile.

Kim, A Grown Ass Black Woman

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