35 Things You Can Do When You’re Stressed Out

Look, I get it. Pimping ain’t easy.

Life IS a walk in the park if it’s Jurassic Park we’re talking about. Trying to balance everything that’s going on can be nothing less that overwhelming but it’s not impossible. It ain’t always easy like Sunday morning but you just gotta be able to roll with the punches and bounce back like Juve in ’04.

Here’s a list of 35 things that can help get you through those tough days.

  1. Sip wine.

2. Soak in a bubble bathtub.

3. Let that shit go. Criss cross applesauce & meditate.

4. Throw back a couple of shots.

5. Tune out the world and sit in complete silence.

6. Remove yourself from the stressful environment immediately and recalibrate.

7. Pray. Stop and unplug, then plug into God.

8. Cry it out.

9. Turn the music on.

10. Write it out. Get all of your feelings on to some paper.

11. Ride some dick. Have sex with someone.

12. Masturbate. Please yourself.

13. Take a nap.

14. Smoke some weed.

15. Craft/create something.

16. Plant something/tend to your garden.

17. Analyze the situation and sort everything out. Figure out what you can control and what you cannot.

18. Take a deep breath.

19. Get on social media to catch some good laughs.

20. Eat some good ass food.

21. Clean your space.

22. Cleanse your space with sage, palo santo, etc

23. Do your makeup, nails, hair, etc.

24. Play a game on your phone.

25. Read a book. Check out our Amazon, we’ve developed a dope ass wishlist for you.

26. Take a walk to get some fresh air.

27. Schedule an impromptu girls night out/in.

28. Spend some time with your kids. Or other people’s kids.

29. Bake some cookies, a cake, shit a souffle if you’re up for a challenge.

30. Binge watch some Netflix or tune into TV.

31. Go for a ride in the car, have a little karaoke session.

32. Watch a motivational or uplifting video. Sarah Jakes Roberts is a BEAST!

33. Try something new; a restaurant, a new wig, new type of food, etc

34. Try something adventurous; go skinny dipping, parasailing, hiking, etc

35. Do some yoga or jigg it out.

Are any of these your go-to? Comment below.

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