5 Reasons Our First Dance As Husband & Wife Was to Kevin Gates

Look, I didn’t want to have a huge wedding that was pretty much all my husband. I have about 1 friend to his 25 besties and I really just was so excited to marry him that I didn’t give a damn who was there.

I was cool with an impromptu courthouse wedding with just us two and the required witnesses. I would nag him about us just calling in and going to get hitched but my Prince Charming just wasn’t having it.

It wasn’t until a few months before our planned wedding date and (I mean very few months) that I realized that because we were having a wedding wedding I had to do this right. Or as right as something I really wasn’t for to be, right?

I mean I was only going to do this once so if I had to go all out, I had to go ALL out. I had to personalize this wedding Pinterest style.

I started a mood board and it was no turning back from there!

I needed a carbon copy of those pins and EVERY single detail mattered down to the where every single rose petal landed.

Our playlist for the ceremony included Everything – Ella Mai f. John Legend and I Found Love – Bebe Winans, with me walking down the aisle to Fall for You – Leela James.

Our wedding song was High – John Legend, pretty fitting for a 4/20 wedding if you ask me. Plus, while you’re asking me, DJ Kicks did a phenomenal job controlling the vibes.

When it came to picking our first dance song my husband made it very obvious that he wasn’t for the slow and awkward typical two-step.

Let’s compromise then. If we had a one on one it didn’t have to be slow but it had to make sense.

I listened to a million and one songs and NONE of them felt right until I was sitting in my car performing my live concert for my invisible fans per usual and BOOM.

Head to My Toes was strategically picked as our first dance song!


It clearly set the tone and established some house rules. It perfectly summed up what to expect from our reception. Although the ceremony was filled with love and light, the reception would be an entirely different vibe.

This moment was to be a beautiful and tone-changing transition. Hearing this song made the guests aware and allowed them the opportunity to decide if they were really and truly bout that life and prepared to engage in the realness and ratchetness that was to follow.

5 reasons we chose to open the wedding reception with Kevin Gates:

1. “Fulla that liquor! I don’t see a nigga fresher, I got a bad bitch here” Clearly.

2. “Got a clique of big spenders, a lot of stacks this year” Celebrating this joyous occasion with those we’ve struggled with and were able to win with.

3. “By the bar, if I don’t know you then YOU AINT GON DRINK” PERIODT. Don’t even try it. You know how expensive it is to furnish alcohol for such a large party?! I didn’t need any stranger danger chillin with the Crown Apple or plottin on the pineapple Ciroc.

4. “I got to show my ass that’s just everywhere I go.” Because what else you expected?! You’re lucky I didn’t jigg down the aisle, luv.

5. It’s OUR wedding, OUR way!

Don’t let anyone convince you that what you want on your wedding day isn’t cool. They don’t get to decide how you choose to celebrate your happily ever after.

Do whatever the fuck you want!

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