7 Things Cardi B Taught Me About Business And Life

Entrepreneurship IS NOT easy. They LIED.

Guess who got played? I brought that t-shirt, template pack, webinar

AND commented on that status, falling into that MLM thirst trap.

You gotta work harder than an ugly stripper and still not get paid like a pretty one.

Well, at least not at the beginning for sure!

The thought has definitely crossed my mind to throw the towel in and take my talents straight to the pole. #shameless

I know I’m not the only one.

I move that a sugar daddy comes free with every letter of resignation.

Entrepreneurship can leave you defeated and depressed, overwhelmed and broke like the last day of the month.

You gotta do your research and find the best resources and people to help you on this journey. It’s probably the only way you’re going to keep your sanity.

Unfortunately, it’s so hard to find someone who truly knows his or her shit and will actually pour into you after you’ve popped off the payment.

Bye Beverly! Those generic ass responses ain’t gon cut it.

I always hear stories of “branding gurus” running off on the plug. You’ve paid their fees and they ghost you.

Who else has been a victim to a conniving coach selling more dreams than sharing money making activities?

I’m sure there are some coaches who really give a damn about their clients and I’m sure when I needed them the most I couldn’t afford em.

I’m a grinder though; I will utilize all my resources. If you’re taking the time to read this then I’m sure you are too. You need some real answers. Straight to the point, hold the fluff.

When you’re hungry and determined you seek inspiration any and everywhere. You gotta be creative so that you can stretch those dollars.

I swear Juve was preaching the gospel.

Sing-a-long if you know the words…

You know what it is! You make something outta nothing.

You handle yo biz and don’t be crying and suffering.

When I couldn’t afford the coach of my dreams. I didn’t panic; I partied. (with Cardi that is)

Cardi B has taught me how to get a bag and make these bitches mad.

So even though, I’ve contemplated showcasing my twerking skills. Cardi reassured me that…

I ain’t gotta dance, I make money moves.

Here are a few things Cardi B has taught me about business and life. This list should help keep you motivated and focused on securing the bag.

Your past doesn’t always determine your future. Just stay focused on that end goal and you could make it happen. She went from sliding down the pole to climbing the ladder of success.

It’s not impossible to have it all. The man of your dreams, a kid and your career, the white picket fence. Baby, it’s all possible! Not saying it’ll be easy to juggle it all but you can definitely have the world. It’ll always seem impossible until it’s done.

Be yourself. Authenticity is magic. Don’t change to try to accommodate anyone. You’re not for everybody and that’s cool. Your business can’t appeal to everyone and that’s completely okay. Even with Oprah money you can’t afford to market to everyone.

What’s for you will always be for you. Nobody can take that shit from you. There will be people who try to hinder your success. There will be people who’ll try to stop your bag but don’t even stress it. Those checks still coming!

Your personal brand can help strengthen your business brand. People fell in love with Cardi first. Cardi’s personality won their hearts. Take the time to build that connection with people before you try to sell them something, even if it’s just a pitch.

Know your worth. Cardi is confident as shit. A “regular degular, shmegular” girl can do some extraordinary things. You won’t start making money moves until you realize who TF you are! How is someone supposed to feel comfortable paying you deserve until you start feeling comfortable asking for it? Believe in yourself and charge your worth.

Content is KING! She gets it poppin’ on the gram. Talk to your people; get them involved in what’s going on. You can boost some engagement by talking directly to your audience. You just need to find your voice and get comfortable. It’s way easier to get consistent when you’re comfortable. No rabbit in the hat tricks necessary, I promise.

I’m just like Cardi; “I like dollars, I like diamonds. I like stunting, I like shining. I like million dollar deals. Where’s my pen? Bitch, I’m signing!”

What about you?

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