Apparently, My Body Isn’t Mine: OB Denies Patient’s Request To Get Tubes Tied

What is Tubal Ligation? It’s permanent birth control through a surgery which blocks a woman’s fallopian tubes. Read more here.

When I turned 18 I attempted to get my tubes tied. I was turned down because “I was too young.” Louisiana

I asked again after my first baby and was told no because I didn’t have my ex-husband’s permission. Alaska

I asked a 3rd time after my second baby… paper wasn’t on file long enough (lol right). A paper I signed and they signed but because she came early, it had not sat in a drawer long enough. IRFL This pregnancy was the worst. I was on steroid shots intermittently from 26 weeks and went into early labor about 6 times. I weighed 145 prepregnancy and gave birth at 118. Texas

I went the fourth time after my third baby and was denied because my OB didn’t believe in the sterilization of black women (fair enough) but even after two HR births? FML right. Georgia

I had to lie and register as a single person during delivery of my fourth child (and get stuck with a delivery bill) to get my tubes tied bc although my ex-husband was not the father of my child, our divorce wasn’t final and I would’ve still needed his permission because I was on his insurance. BTW didn’t find out I was pregnant until I was 12 weeks. I went in because I had been bleeding for 2 weeks. I had a tear in my uterus.

I’ve been on EVERY type of birth control except the arm implant. None of them worked and most tear up your body. It’s not always about being irresponsible. It’s about being responsible for yourself and your life.

I’ve been silent on the ban because I saw it coming. I’m fearful at the repercussions of it for my children. These anti-abortion laws won’t STOP abortions, it’ll only stop safe ones.

  1. Robinne Adams – a grown ass black woman

Others have also spoke up on this topic:

What are your thoughts? Do you think that doctors should be able to deny Tubal Ligation (Tubal Sterilization)?

Have you had similar experience? Share it in the comments.

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