Are You Listening to Your Kids?

I thought my kids only wanted to watch TV, but they only wanted to watch TV because I was too busy on my phone.

I thought my kids wouldn’t pick up a book, but they wanted me to read to them.

I thought my kids wanted to get into everything, but they wanted to create things with me.

I thought my kids were always fighting but they needed more clearly defined boundaries.

I thought my kids were lazy but they needed to be given instruction.

I thought my kids were angry, but they needed to be taught vulnerability and how to express themselves constructively.

I thought my kids got on my nerves, but they really wanted to get into nature.

I thought my kids played too much, but maybe I worked too much and didn’t play enough.

I thought my kids wouldn’t ever go to bed, but they wanted to rest knowing we were all safe and sound, not me screaming demands and hitting likes on my phone, entertaining emptiness while telling them to go to sleep.

I thought my kids were not creative, but I bought iPads instead of craft materials and I bought them stuff instead of art classes, theatre, and instrument lessons.

I thought my kids were loud, but I never meditated with them or invited them on my mat with me.

I thought wrong for so long.

They wanted me to log off, lean in, and love us all more.

Vanessa, A Grown Ass Black Woman


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