Being a Strong Black Woman Almost Killed Me

“I’m a strong black woman!”

Nah, y’all can have that!

I no longer subscribe to wearing that as a badge of honor.


Being strong almost killed me.

Being strong was me trying to handle everything in my own strength.

Being strong left me overwhelmed.

Being strong left me exhausted.

Being strong left me carrying the weight of the world on my shoulders while wanting to cry but instead, I wore a fake smile.

Being strong lead to suffering in silence.

Being strong lead to attracting people who were pretending too.

I’m not strong, I’ve just been learning to cast my cares to Jesus.

I’m not strong, I just learned how to take things to the Lord in prayer.

I’m not strong, I’ve learned to release it.

I cry and I don’t feel bad about it.

I’ve learned that God is my strength, my refuge, my help in the time of trouble, my source, my rock.

God is dependable, reliable and I can trust him with my entire life!

It’s because of God’s strength, I’ve learned not to worry, how to have peace in a storm, how to receive grace and give grace to others.

I’ve learned how to rest in his promises.

I don’t have to be strong.

I don’t have to seek validation from others to make me feel strong either.

I’m learning to trust the process on the good and bad days.

You can keep trying to do it all in your own strength or you can learn to trust God’s plans for your life.

I’m done being strong.

Natalie, A Grown Ass Black Woman

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