Corporate America Told Me I Ain’t Shit Too!

She’s Gotta Have It…EP 8. 24 mm….

Let me start by saying whew chile. I tip my hat to you if you have never been given a false sense of importance in corporate America.

The importance of this moment on the show spoke volumes to me. They needed her to run point on the campaign ad so that she could book Nola. Make the artist feel at ease. I get it. Creatives can be fickle with their work.

I have always prided myself as being smart. All of my life people have doted on me and my natural inheritance of intelligence.

Even that sounded fancy huh?

I have some college courses under my belt but no degree. I once had a white manager tell me she loved the way my mind works. Often times this lead me to believe they trusted me with their company. Relied on me to make big decisions where it counted. Needed me even in some instances to keep the money flowing. 

When I tell you I was full of myself running around that office tooting my own horn and shit.

Well, all of that came crashing to a black ass halt when I all but promised a family member a job.

It was all set up! My relative would go to the interview as a formality. The job that I had pitched to my white boss was hers, as far as I was concerned. My boss asked if I could use some help on a project and I said yes.

“Oh, you can hire whoever,” she said.

“It’s your choice,” she said.

“As long as you’re happy,” she said.

All I needed to do was forward her a resume and she would have HR reach out.


I did as I was told and waited. I waited for a week because the company I work for honestly does move at a snail’s pace. We approach the next week and still no word.

My relative is reaching out and I’m legit making excuses for this white woman because I don’t want anyone thinking badly of her because she’s my lil one. When I asked and was told it’s being handled. Ok, we all know that’s code for sit down and shut up. So I go around her and down to HR myself.

Let’s just say I walked back to my desk with the dumbest look on my face. To my surprise, I was told they had already hired me an assistant.

The assistant was another WW’s friend who needed a full-time job. This woman has only had one part-time job AT WHOLE FOODS.

This is the WW that she eats lunch with daily. The same WW whose accounts I am constantly asked to clean up. The WW who always needs help from the entire team because she just can’t seem to keep up. The WW who is unreliable.

In the words of Clara Huxtable, I WAS MAD!

I marched in that office and rudely asked what’s up with that. Do you all know what this woman said to me, “Oh, don’t worry I passed her information on to the mailroom manager.” The CAUSAITY!

With an exaggerated neck, and a perplexed look I shouted (a little louder than I meant too) MAAIILLLRROOMM in my Soulja Boy voice. She beamed proudly with a “Yes. They should be reaching out this week.”

I picked my mouth and my pride up on the way out of her office. I returned to my desk and texted my relative saying change of plans they had already hired someone. Just like that, I was renamed No Pull K, at all of the family cookouts.

Plenty ah’ smarts, A Grown Ass Black Woman

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