Feeding the Desire: My First Lesbian Encounter

I kissed a girl and I liked it.

That was in the bathroom when I was in high school.

Here’s a little back story…

So I had been watching this girl at school for about a month before when I finally decided to ask for her number.

I was so excited when she said yes because this was actually the first time I had gotten a number of a girl I was trying to pursue.

Time went on and we’d been flirting through text messages. That’s when she invited me to meet her in the bathroom during our third-period class. I had no clue that she would initiate shit but I damn sure was happy she did when I left out of that stall. 

After that kiss, we texted on and off and honestly, I don’t even remember what happened between us. Things between us weren’t weird or awkward after our encounter, things just kinda ended. I was totally okay with that. 

I mean, I never saw myself in a relationship with a female anyway. In my mind, we’d have our fun and we’d be done. No strings attached, no commitments involved.

Now, if it was enjoyable we could definitely do it again and again and live in a scissored and squirtful situation of happily ever after but that was it. Again though, no relationship, no titles.

Yeah, I was a whole fuckboy.

I continued to kiss girls but never made it to the next base because I always felt that I would strike out.

Did I know how to please a woman?

Did I know how to properly explore another woman’s vagina?

It was too much to think about and it was too much that could go wrong. 

Here’s what you came for…

Even with all the tongue wrestling, I’d done with different girls, it wasn’t until Bayou Classic that I broke my lesbian virginity. 

That was back in 2012 in a fly ass hotel room in New Orleans during Bayou Classic. Now originally, it wasn’t supposed to be us alone in the room but you know how that shit go. You try to plan things months in advance only to get closer to the event and everyone backs out. 

But because the universe places us in that place at that time, I couldn’t let the universe down, right?

I had to take advantage of the situation, I had to actually explore the feelings I’d been having for quite some time. If you went back to when I first started noticing females and accepting the attraction way back in middle school to this point after high school you’d agree that I was long overdue.

So accompanied by liquid courage aka Ciroc and the wettest vagina, I kissed her passionately with every intention of going all the way. 

It was a girl I’d known for some time now. We’ll call her Deja for this story. When I say knew Deja I mean, I pretty much had stalked her Twitter forever until I finally mustered up the courage to ask for her number.

Deja was cool AF. Before we ended up in the hotel room that night, we’d been texting and even had chilled together a couple of times. Nothing ever had come close to the intimate and orgasmic experience that transpired in that hotel room though.

I ate her pussy like I had never eaten pussy before and that was because, well, I hadn’t eaten pussy before.

I relied on what I had been taught by lovers past and the hours of Pornhub playbacks in my mind. At that moment, I did whatever I desired for myself to her. 

Figured you never sucked a dick before you sucked one, so what’s the difference here? It’s better to learn by doing than to miss the opportunity to do. 

This was the first time I’d actually successfully bedded a move.

Having sex with Deja made it very clear to me that this wasn’t just a phase I was going through at the time, I wanted this again and again.

This was something I’d more than likely always desire. I had to stop resisting the urge and explore what my body was signaling.

It was the taste of her vagina that lingered on my lips long after that position. Maybe, it was her soft body up against mine as we danced underneath the covers. It’s gotta be the way she screamed my name as I played with her clit. No, I’m willing to bet it was the way she moaned as I took her breast into my mouth.

Really, It was everything about her that made me realize how I’d been depriving myself of this immense intimacy for all of those years.

For what reason though?

Why had I been ignoring the feelings?

Was I ashamed of myself?

Was I afraid of what others would think?

Honestly, I don’t know and at this point, I don’t care. I’m just so happy that I allowed temptation to lead me in between her thighs and to pure ecstasy.

A Grown Ass Black Woman

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