From My Own Damn Bed…

The beautiful spring skylight barely shining through the dark curtains..the smell of bacon, french toast, eggs, & coffee creep through the air..I’m wrapped in the covers next to my man…

Sounds like a great vibe, right?

WRONG! The message is from the bed of a man who lived with his mom!

Now before you wonder why the hell was your grown ass even in that situation..I was 18. His family loved me! (they still do to this day)

At 18, I had NO idea how inappropriate the scenario was! He was 24!

Why the hell was a 24-year-old dating an 18-year-old anyway?

Why were we so comfortable going in and out of his parent’s house at any time of the day?

Why were we soo fine with having to turn the TV to the loudest setting when we had sex?

Well, one day I decided that enough was enough and I moved away and got an apartment.

He followed.

See, I should have known from the fact that we peacefully crashed at his parents daily that him coming along would not turn out well! His momma’s child became my child!

I had to provide EVERYTHING!

I had to do EVERYTHING!

There was no help mentally, physically, or spiritually!

After a year of the abuse, I decided to break my lease and leave the relationship! K Michelle was right!

You cannot raise a man!!!

So, 8 years later I’m in my OWN (king-sized) bed…

Declaring a toast to all the independent women who went through being dumb for a lil while just to grow and be fabulous!

I see you, sista!

I’ve been there!

A Grown Ass Black Woman

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