Getting Insecure for the Summer

Who doesn’t love the hit HBO show, Insecure? I’ve been a loyal fan since season 1. This past week’s episode of Lowkey Trippin was definitely interesting. It was the first episode that didn’t include the full cast. The viewers were able to see one of the main character’s baecation.

(Photo courtesy of “InsecureHBO” on Instagram.)

Although some thought that it was a bit boring, it brought out a few sexy recognitions.

  1. Baecations and Somebody’s Son. The recent episode was extremely for the lovers. It showed how fun, positive and romantic baecations can be for a couple. We saw Molly and her new boyfriend enjoying each other in Mexico. Now, as soon as I find a bae; I’m down.

  2. Fly High. That plane ride to Mexico! Ok! Yessss to the finger poppin’ on the plane. Romance shouldn’t be predictable or rehearsed. Yesssss to Andrew for that one. Mmmmmm

  3. Therapy is Ok. Yes, therapy is ok and you read that right. Positive mental health is sexy as hell. Address that trauma and talk to a professional. Seeing Molly call her therapist during her baecation was a HUGE step that showed some real #BlackGirlMagic.

  4. Test Your Limits. On the show, the couple went on a hike and also went ziplining. Now, that’s cute and all. But I’m not personally down for no 5 mile hike or ziplining. Replace that with some scuba diving and I’m down! However, I love how they showed the couple exploring new heights (literally) together. So trying new things with your love may actually be a great idea.

  5. Balcony View Please. Molly and Andrew were being spontaneous again; and I’m here for it. Keep it spicy, switch it up and go anywhere. I think I’ll only ask for a balcony view from now on.

So even though we didn’t get to see Issa or wrap up the Issa & Lawrence love triangle; this episode still had some heat. It was interesting. It also gave mad hope to love, romance and fixing your shit.

(Photo courtesy of “InsecureHBO” on Instagram.)

Writer, C.Scott, is a Mompreneur, Author and lover of all things Literature related. Follow her at @curls_coils on Instagram.

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