Go DJ: Interview with DJ Kelly Green

With June being African-American Music Month and National DJ Month, it’s only right that I highlight some amazing African-American DJs. It’s a plus that they’re females too!

Who is Kelly Green? Kelly Green is a musician, a smooth turntablist, and an outta sight kinda chick.

What influenced you to become a DJ? Being a musician for so long and wanting to make my involvement in music more personal was the largest driving force in me learning how to DJ.

What was your first DJ experience like? My first DJ experience was nerve-racking! I played music at an event at college. It sucked. I didn’t know what to play and barely even knew how to use my equipment. I have grown sooo much.

Do you break records or only spin what’s currently popular? I most definitely break records. I dj for Jet Life so that is a very important part of my job. A lot of times I am the liaison between the crowd and the newest music. I would say I’m actually known for playing the unexpected. If any, Who has been your biggest career influence? My biggest career influence has been my mother. She is the one who put me on all the cool stuff and music I know about now that has made me who I am right now. I owe a lot of my swag to her. Haha

We know you’re the official DJ for Jet Life, what’s that like? Do you prefer being the tour DJ or the party DJ? I love djing for Jet Life. It has taken me and my career places that I know I wouldn’t have been able bring it myself. I have been embraced as a part of a family for my talents and I couldn’t be more grateful. I love being the tour dj of course, but the party is more fun! What’s the most fulfilling part of your job? The most fulfilling part of my job is getting rebooked by clients multiple times because they love me and know I kill it every time! That’s how I know I’m doing something right.

What are some of your biggest challenges as a DJ? My biggest challenge as a dj is creating more ways to stay relevant outside of just djing at parties every week. I want to be so much more than a dj and work hard to craft content and brand myself as an all-around personality. I’m constantly brainstorming ways to introduce myself to the world. What has been your “Mama, I made it moment”? If you don’t feel that you’ve had it, what do you feel will define that moment? My mama I made it moment was definitely when I got booked for my own two sets at New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival. It’s a huge festival we have every year here in New Orleans and I was sharing the stage with Common, Big Frieda, Khalid, and so many other big names. I couldn’t believe that they wanted me! They had me on the Jumbotron and everything. I could have cried.

Do you feel that music transformed in the hands of a DJ? In which way are you actively trying to create an experience for the audience?A DJ has the power to completely transform the music you are accustomed to. A nice smooth mix of the stuff the crowd wants to hear and the stuff they don’t know they wanna hear is my specialty. I get DMs all the time from people asking me what was that one song I played at my last gig because I don’t wanna just play the stuff you hear everyday anyway.

Why not throw in a couple of surprises? In your opinion is it harder for a woman to become a famous DJ than a man? It’s hard to become a famous dj in general. There are so many, man. Haha it’s up you to work hard for what you want whether you’re a man or a woman.

Name one song you can spin for any occasion. Nice For What – Drake

Name 5 songs from your personal playlist.

  1. “Tick Tock” – Alchemist + Nas

  2. “Neon Lights” – Kevin Gates

  3. “Baby, Baby” – Max B

  4. “All Over” – French Montana + Chinx Drugs

  5. “Payback is a Dog” – The Stylistics

What’s next for Kelly Green? What can we expect? I am currently working on a house album and an instrumental mixtape. I’m about to set everyone’s hair on fire with these. Ha! Is there anything else you want to share with us? Check out my website www.djkellygreen.com I have live mixes on there so you can listen to me DJ without having to come to the club. Also, check out my YouTube!

DJ Kelly Green is a nationally known DJ with an extensive resume. She has played for various festivals such as Rolling Loud, New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival, Chalice Festival, etc. She also tours the US with Jet Life Recordings (Curren$y, Fendi P, T.Y) as their official DJ in addition to playing various sets around New Orleans weekly; most popularly, Jet Lounge at House of Blues every Wednesday.

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