Hacks for Having the Best Anal Sex of Your Life

Anal sex doesn’t have to be painful or difficult. In fact, it can bring more powerful orgasms than vaginal intercourse. That’s right! You can orgasm from anal sex. The key is to start off small and gradually work your way up to the doggy style backdoor action we often see in movies and porn.

Here are a few tips for entering the world of anal, so that everyone can have a great time.

1. Spread wide and push. Missionary can be great for deep penetration, the wider you spread the more open you are to your man. When beginning anal sex, spread from your hips as wide as you comfortably can and relax your pelvic muscles. You can increase access to your passageway by pushing as if you were attempting to go number 2. I know this may seem counterproductive, especially if you are worried about feces coming out, however it’s completely OK and will help usher in his penis with less resistance.

2. Warm things up! Your anus is not the goddess of an organ your vagina is. It does not self lubricate, nor does it naturally expand when you are aroused. For those reasons, you’re going to want to ease into things a bit. The wetter the better. Start with a little foreplay around your anus, have your partner use a bit of lube and explore the area around and at the entrance of your anus. Over time, have him gradually place his finger, or if you’re into it, his Tounge onto your opening to help your muscles to relax as well as get you comfortable with someone in that area.

3. Add a side attraction. Until you get your bearings, anal may not be as enjoyable as you may like. It can be hard to get pleasure from it at the start. Find things that may help you relax and enjoy the moment while learning to appreciate the pleasures of anal sex. A cock ring, or simply having your partner low enough to rub against your clitoris while stroking can increase the pleasure you feel and help take the focus away from any discomfort or embarrassment so that you can enjoy it too.

4. Prop it up! Using a pillow to lift your hips during missionary anal can give you more wiggle room to move back and forth during sex allowing you to control the depth. Since there is give in the pillow, it can both help prop you up when you’re ready to take in all the action or give room for you to retreat backwards if things become too much. Be sure to communicate with your lover how you are feeling and what feels good to you at all times. You are in control.

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