Had My First Facial and Don’t Know What Happened

Here it is 2:50 PM. I just walked out of my appointment. I’m sitting here in my car, on Adams, typing this out. I couldn’t even get back to my office because I couldn’t risk missing a detail.

What the hell happened to me at the spa?!

I first heard about this spa in the GABW Facebook group. There was a discussion of clear skin and several women were singing the praises of the pumpkin enzyme. I immediately added it to my “when I make some extra money Ima get this” list.

I’ve legit been stalking their Instagram for over a year and finally Christmas comes around and I put my husband on the spot, praying that he channeled his inner sugar daddy.

Amongst the list of other lavish rich bitch things such as a Balenciaga bag and microblading, I requested a facial from my not so secret Santa.

I’ve been dealing with the baggage of past acne FOREVER. This hyperpigmentation because my melanin POPS severely is definitely a blessing and a curse. More than anything though, it’s AGG!

I’ve pretty much tried everything under the sun on my journey to clear skin. Some things worked for a while and then stopped. Other things didn’t work at all.

So what happened at the spa? Let’s get into that!

I walk in and was promptly greeted by everyone in the room. Ouuuu, I can get used to this. I was then given a waiver to complete. As soon as I returned the tablet and stylus, Brionnah, the esthetician, came over to introduce herself.

We CANNOT leave out the part where she pronounced my name CORRECTLY!!! OMG. I’m already in love because this is HUGE!

Get into the room and “Hey Narcisse! :)” is written on the table paper. Now yall know I’m a sucker for details.

First, she quizzed me on my current routine and concerns, gave me her evaluation and started cleansing my skin.

Next, she started with the pumpkin enzyme (ayeeee, that’s what I’m here for!) and warned me of a tingling sensation that I may experience. I was bracing myself to feel the same “tingling” if you ask them, but BURNING if you ask me sensation that I felt as a kid getting a perm right before Easter Sunday.

Thankfully, it wasn’t at all that intense. The smell though was nothing short of amazing! As soon as it touched my face, I was immediately sent to Thanksgiving morning. Better yet, any day, at any place during the fall season.

Pumpkin spice filled my nostrils and made me feel at home. I’m not even a fan of pumpkin spice to be honest but shiddd, package this one here as a candle and I’m sold. I’m stocking up like it’s Bath & Body Works candle day.

At this point, I am trying to figure out when the massage table turned into a cloud because this out of body experience could not be happening here on earth. I truly was everywhere but laying on a table in a boutique spot in New Orleans.

My skin was happy to be hydrated. Happy to be touched. She had told me before the pumpkin that if my face allowed she’d follow with vitamin C. My face welcomed the next step with open arms (or should I say pores? maybe? whatever).

Whew! It smelled like someone was peeling fresh oranges and not grocery stores oranges, I mean real deal fruit stand oranges, Whole Foods $12 oranges. This was the familiar smell of the orange lollipop that was given to me by the bank teller, as 6 year old me tagged along with my dad to make a deposit.

Yessss!! A whole trip down memory lane included at no extra charge?! I’m with it.

There was a stronger sensation with the vitamin C but she was on it. The fan was much appreciated like that one cool breeze in the middle of a hot summer day in Louisiana.

Soothing music was playing in the background. I felt like I was in the middle of baby monkeys being reunited with their moms after a forever long voyage. (what the hell? I don’t know either! But follow me) Birds were singing melodies from heaven like they were in the church choir. I was in the Lion King.

Next, she started the extractions. All I could say was WOW in response to this rolled substance that spewed out of this blackhead that resembled a joint of shea butter.

Let me go call my mama and tell her I made it because it takes a certain level of success to be able to afford to pay a PROFESSIONAL face picker.

At some point, she even scanned a light over my face as if she was rebuking any blemishes from ever again considering this territory for a campout.

The facial was complete after she moisturized my skin and went over the rules for post-facial. She led me out of the room and near the shelves to introduce me to their line of skincare products.

I was charmed but I’ma say “finessed” out of few dollars purchasing these products but hey, here’s to clear skin.

Still, I don’t know what happened to me at the spa BUT I can’t wait for it to happen again. Face feeling like a whole baby butt. I can definitely get used to this!

I promise you that God sent one of his angels to give me a facial at Esthetique.

Book your facial with Brionnah now!

Narcisse, A Grown Ass Black Woman

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