Honey Pot Fiasco Proves Being the Only Black Girl in the Room is a MOOD

If you haven’t seen the Honey Pot fiasco that has taken place. Whew, girl, it’s been a mess!

Here are some articles in case you’ve been under a rock for the last couple of days:

Fragile White Folk Are Leaving Ugly Reviews For The Honey Pot After CEO Said She’s Looking To Empower Black Girls

Black owned business The Honey Pot ambushed with racist reviews because of Target commercial

The owner an African American woman partnered with Target and created a commercial celebrating her line of feminine products as well as strides as an African American businesswoman! 


Here’s a link to check out, Honey Pot.

And a little background on how the company got its start. https://www.nosugarnocreammag.com/single-post/2019/02/02/Enjoy-Your-Vagina-Honey-Pot-Founder-Explains-How-An-Ancestor-Helped-Her-Launch-A-Feminine-Care-Business

The outrage & uproar the Caucasian women felt the need to voice to the world was beyond comprehension. They decided to band together and attack this business owner due to her choice of uplifting little black girls! 

I won’t lie, I was upset, I was disgusted, & really taken aback at their privilege, their arrogance, and the fact that they felt they had a right to dictate rather or not this business will be successful or crash and burn! 

Much like many other black women, who came together and left many positive reviews and pulled out their pocketbooks to lift up our fellow black sister in support of her company.

This really got me thinking about the industry I am currently in. I am always the only black person in the room. I used to be taken aback by it but this year I’ve decided to embrace it. 

Yes! I’m the only black woman here, however, I can slay just as much if not better as my counterparts! I have to work 100x’s harder, be way happier, show that my skill sets are “up to par”, amongst crazy looks that I receive, but sis I’m making strides for the next little black girl following in my footsteps. 

You may be in an industry where you don’t see people like you and when you do, there’s an unspeakable nod and high-five from across the room saying, “ yes Queen, I see you”! 

Don’t allow the adversity to detour you. Stay on your path, continue those strides, and one day you’ll make history for breaking the molds, and being the first African American to do such a thing!  

“You gotta stop worrying about being the only black one in the room. The only female in the room. The youngest in the room. The oldest in the room. Just be proud that you’re in the room.” – NB

Since the fiasco, with founder, Bea Dixon being falsely dubbed as ‘racist’, Honey Pot has experienced a significant increase in sales.


Adjust your crown prior to walking in the room, because being the only black girl in the room …. its a mood! 

Danielle, A Grown Ass Black Woman

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