How Motherhood Improved My Resume

I legit just told someone I’ll send your invoice as soon as I put my kids to bed.

I know. It’s still weird to me too.

I don’t know what’s more weird! The fact that I’m legit running the business that

I’ve always dreamed of or that I have kid(S)! Yes, two crumb snatchers!

SHIT just got real. What’s the good news though? I just got real motivated

Two reasons why I needed to own up to my bullshit and make things happen.

First off, allow me to reintroduce myself…

My name is MOM.

I’d like to thank my son for helping me develop my amazing multi-tasking skills. My day to day includes chasing a toddler, cleaning up Cheetos off the floor + watching Ninja Turtles on repeat, all while praying that nap time comes sooner than later.  *takes a bow*

Let’s not forget to mention my new 6lb human alarm clock! I’m surprisingly super productive at 2am.

It’s amazing how life changes, I used to be out having late night drinks now I’m up being the baby bartender and drafting blog posts.

So go ahead, raise your wine glass to my daughter for helping me realize time and time again that sometimes you just gotta get shit done, there’s no time for excuses.

You ever breastfed your baby during a video conference call?

Lucky for me, I’ve somehow managed to position the camera just right to avoid nip slips during client consults. *takes a bow*

I tell no lies. Becoming a mom was the best thing that could happen for my career! That life-changing experience is what prepared me to handle all the obstacles I could face in being a publicist.

So how did motherhood improve my resume?

Job Title: Mom


Great Listener/Communicator – making sense on inaudible toddler talk

Creative/Strategic Thinker – constantly finding ways to occupy a 2 year old, keep a clean house and have dinner ready by 6pm

Crisis Manager – handling mini-meltdowns because you have to sit in your carseat

Support System  – singing praises for successful trips to the potty, counting to ten and sleeping through the night

Negotiator – bribing with French fries

I remember being pregnant with my son and constantly hearing that my life was over. So now after the birth of three babies (my business included)

I call bullshit!

Having kids doesn’t mean you can’t live the life you want to live!

I’m the parent and the proposal writer!

I’m building businesses and raising babies!

I’m breastfeeding during business hours and potty training in between press releases!


Stop saying what you can’t do, boss tf up & activate your hustle!

I’m a mom first and a business owner immediately after that.

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