How to Get Clients When You’re New to the Game

I got one of my first clients at Barnes & Noble.

It’s all about making your dreams a reality. You probably heard it before, if you want the job you gotta dress the part.

I was on leave from work, still needed to make money. Perfect opportunity to work on my business and test the waters.

My fiancé would get up at 6am to get ready for work and I would do the same.

I would patty cake my face, put on my office attire, grab my macbook and head down the street to the cafe at Barnes & Noble aka MY office.

Walk through the door and request my blueberry muffin.

Mad serious. You couldn’t tell me I wasn’t at my 9 to 5. I was so focused and was crushing the shit out of my daily goals. Business was booming so, of course, I was feeling myself.

Lucky for me, my fiance bomb af and he’d only encourage me. When I’d get home he’d ask about my day… “How was work?  How they treating you at your office?”

(KEY: Get you somebody, that believes in your dreams just as much as you do!)

Anyway, I believed it to be real and so it was! I wanted the role, I dressed the part. I showed up. I showed up every damn day ready to work! I was ready to network, ready to pass out business cards, ready to talk, even if it was only about the weather.

Now be cool, I’m not telling you to go around making shit up or invest ya entire piggy bank savings into some bullshit stock because ya imaginary friend gave you the okay!

All I’m saying is, if you want something, if you have a goal to achieve, you OWN it!

You have to set yourself up in a position to win and when you do, when you become that person worthy to receive the wins… you’ll win! You’ll get everything that’s coming to you then some on the side.

Let me get back to the story with my rambling ass…

So I’m sitting in my office, minding my own, sipping on this vanilla bean frapp with the java chips♥. I’m all into my laptop, I had papers and highlighters spread everywhere.

Yeah, owning this shit.

A man walks up and asks me if I was a teacher… I’m like no, I’m a publicist.

He goes on to inquire about my services and tells me more about his business. We fall into a great conversation about entrepreneurship and long term goals. (slipped into a consult call)

Needless to say, he asked me to help him in the rebranding of his business.


If you want the clients/customers, go get them. You have to hang out where they hang out, join the groups they’re in, introduce yourself. Put yourself out there!

How the hell can they support you if they don’t know who the hell you are and what the hell you do??? I don’t understand.

When I was just sitting at home trying to work I couldn’t get shit done. I was just staring at my screen like what’s next. Productivity levels were at a dangerous low.

Trust me, I know your bed is comfy as hell. If you’re anything like me home is where the heart is but you gotta get out there and work these streets, shawty! No worries, you can keep your clothes on, just make sure these people see you!

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