How To Keep Your Relationship As Romantic As Love Jones

“I’m the blues in your left thigh, tryna become the funk in your right”

Was I the only one internally screaming yes yes yes! Be all of that! Whew! 😩😅

Now, I haven’t watched The Titanic or The Notebook but I’m knowing they ain‘t got shit on Love Jones.

Love Jones had me wanting nothing more to be in love. To be madly in love with someone who actually gave a fuck about me so passionately, so intensely, so unconditionally instead of chasing someone who kinda liked me just enough to not wanna hurt my feelings with the fact that they just wasn’t fucking with me on that level and that just kicking it was way more convenient for them. 🙄 Really resonating with Nina cause “sex is great and all but what about love?” I felt that shit!

When I finally found someone who expressed their intentions and reciprocated that love, I became high on life. Blissful as a bitch! 😍

Is this even possible? What’s the catch? I started to question whether he was real deal or really just stringing me along.

When the butterflies of a blossoming relationship flew away and shit got real, I started to again question whether or not he was in fact a fuck boy. The romance was gone but even without the bells and whistles, the love was still there.

So what now? What TF do you do when it starts to feel like there’s a stranger in your house? What TF do you when you’re not emotionally fulfilled?

Darius said earlier in the movie, “When people that have been together for a long time say the romance is gone, what they’re really saying is that they’ve exhausted the possibility.”

It takes real courage not to exhaust the possibility and marriage is about choosing to be brave AF. If you want it to work, you gotta put in work!

You don’t cheat.

You don’t run away.

You love harder to create lasting intimacy.

Life can get busy. Careers can get in the way. Kids can try to take over. You gotta work hard to make sure you’re making time for your partner and scheduling date nights and dick appointments.

Prioritize your relationship so you can keep the funk in your right.

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