How To Protect Your Brain Child From Pedophiles

I’m here to tell my story. #SurvivingHorribleClients

I’m sitting here eating this frozen Reese’s and the previous year and all of its events crossed my mind.

We know the vision we have for our brand.

It’s everything that’s spread across 15 notebooks and it’s pieced together with the 9328438 tabs our brains have open constantly. Our brand is the perfect combination of those thoughts we let flow to paper at 9 am and 3 am married to the anytime that light bulb goes off moments.

It’s those ideas that magically appeared after that long overdue sip of Starbucks and how we share our imagination, creativity, and concepts with the world. It’s the experience they have with our brainchild who we’ve nurtured and invested in since it’s conception.

We always talk about the people we want to work with. We’ve had countless conversations on how to find, connect and engage with our ideal client. The perfect match.

We discuss how to create content that they can resonate with and how to convert them into clients. We can create the “in a perfect world” scenarios with these unicorn dream clients who are lil babies who gon listen and who pay up front and on time. The ones who we feel deep down in our soul were drawn to us by fate.  The ones who we run through the 6 with.

Baby when I say we mapped it out. We mapped it out! Better than an atlas. Atlas ain’t got shit on us.

I find it strange though, that we rarely explore the people we just DO NOT want to work with. We may have let it out a few times while venting, through an “I can’t stand when…” rant but, never have we laid down the low down on who can’t sit with us.

Or at least, I haven’t.

I think it’s time to address the elephant in the room.

Although I wrote down whatever came to mind regarding my brand, I somehow neglected to write out those people who I had no choice but to just write off.

The pedophiles, if you will, who want nothing more than to take advantage of our baby and see no wrong. It’s no harm, no foul in their eyes. The collaboration is an enjoyable partnership filled with a great orgasmic like release or return on investment but not for us. Not for my baby and I.

It’s betrayal. It’s beyond us. It’s bullshit.

Now we’re left drained. Stressed. We’re feeling guilty for allowing this selfish person to play us.

I mean how TF didn’t we notice the signs?!

The bills were getting paid.

Our judgment was clouded by the burden on our backs being lifted and the weight on our shoulders being shared.

We didn’t protect our baby, we pimped our baby out. Now, we feel like shit.

I’ve heard it a million and one times, “all money ain’t good money” and frankly, it was hard to believe that shit when a $300 light bill just so happened to find it’s way my mailbox.



I’m over stressing and losing sleep, willing to succumb and sell my soul for a mere $600 contract that’s really worth $6000 just to say my “lil business” (as it’s commonly referred to) is succeeding.

I was dealing with shit that I didn’t deserve. You were constantly checking my moves and making outrageous demands. The lack of trust was offensive.

I was accused. I was appalled.

Now, overworked and underpaid are things of the past.

Either you’ll pay me my worth or someone else will. Either you respect my baby and I or you step.


I mean, damn. The signs were there all along, but the fancy dinners, pillow talk, and promises of our prosperous future together blinded me. 

I didn’t see what that monster was doing. To us. The selfish sinner preyed on my baby.

I have the experience and education to sit amongst the elite. I’m smart as hell.

And yet, I let you in because the heart wants what it wants, right? And the desire to help burns.

Behind you I was weak. I’m weak for that shit.

Shaking my head, Damn.

We all want to be loved, to be in a committed relationship with one who cares. One who helps us reach our goals. One who makes sure we’re straight.

You didn’t care though.

So I’m here to tell my story. #SurvivingHorribleClients

I could go on and on and go, into detail, painting a vivid picture of each and every encounter but instead, I’ll spare you the graphic details. I’ll just share with you how to spot a bad situation before you hop in the bed (a binding contract) with the wrong one.

Just know, I no longer have space in my life for the “Can we make a deal?” clients. The doors are closed to problematic progress.

After some hard conversations and figuring things out, I’m working on building a better relationship with my baby.

I found my peace and now I want to help you protect yours. 

Here’s how to spot a pedophile, so you can protect your brainchild…

  1. They’re Overprotective – Don’t let them micromanage you. They hired you because they think you’re perfect for the job. Otherwise, they wouldn’t be spending money with you. You do their job and they saw that so now they should allow you space to breathe and do just that, your job.

  2. It’s Always Something – No matter how hard you try, it’s always something. They always want to talk problems instead of solutions. They’re always pointing out mistakes instead of singing praises. Don’t let there be more sad faces than smiley faces in your relationship. Simple enough?

  3. They’re Broke As Hell – You work hard to support yourself and your baby, not their overgrown ass. They should bring as much to the table as you are. Your work should equate to the money they’re matching. You shouldn’t be giving away your money, time and effort to take care of your baby and theirs.

  4. Unresponsive – They’re constantly blowing you up with no respect to your time. Now, it’s time for you to need something from them, *crickets* They’re too unreliable.

  5. Dwelling on Past Relationships – They’re constantly complaining about previous dealings. They’re not dedicating the proper time to build with you. It’s always constant reminders of the time things went left with the past relationship. Like Charlamagne says though, “It’s 3 sides to every story. Your side. Their side. The truth.” They won’t expel their fuck-ups, only share the other party’s shortcomings.

  6. Trust Your Intuition – You know when something’s not right in the water. The feelings you once had aren’t there anymore. Don’t ignore it. “In religion, we call it spirits. In science, we call it energy. In the streets, we call it vibes. All I’m saying is, trust it.”

  7. They’re Clueless -They’re unsure of what they want. They don’t know what goals they’re trying to achieve or the place you hold in their life.

If it’s more random headaches than rapid heartbeats, you need to refer, redirect and run for your life.

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