I’m Pro-Mind My Own Business When it Comes to Abortion (And Anything, Really)

If you’ve been under a rock and didn’t hear about the anti-abortion laws sweeping the country, click here before you continue reading. Vox shares 10 facts on abortion in America.

I decided to get the conversation going and ask Facebook, “Abortion. Are you for or against? Why or why not?”

Here are a few of their responses.

“I honestly feel like it’s not my business what someone else decides to do with their body… it’s their choice.” – Dominique Haughton

“I do not agree with abortions if you have had abortions you are a murderer to me And you’re going straight to hell I don’t care what the situation is You are a murderer” – Royal Barnes Queen

“It’s hard for me to choose a clear option. If you’ve been raped, sold into the sex trade, ya daddy uncle or brother then got you pregnant I think it’s totally cool. Having abortions repeatedly just because you can’t use protection and keep getting pregnant for Jim, Greg and DJ I disagree. You CHOOSE to sleep around unprotected you should take your lick at least one out of the five times.” – Merlynn Glover

“Don’t agree!! God doesn’t accept murder so why kill a child” – Jasmine Wooden

“Never did it myself but I’m for it. Why let a human being form in your body and grown for you to not love it properly, nurture it, for it to be raised in a fucked up ass life or situation, etc etc.” – Bri Landry

“Where are all the laws that criminalize men for what they choose to do with their bodies? Anywhere?” – Chanel Ward

I typically stay out of conversations about abortions because I feel I have no right to tell a woman (or anyone for that matter), what to do with THEIR body.

I strongly felt Jarius Edens when she said, “I’m pro-mind my own business at all times.”

And when Ashley Havis said, “I’m not emotionally equipped to debate about abortion. I will not engage in debates as a plan of self-care.”

That was dead on! I ain’t in it. The topic of conversation will emotionally drain you and have you second guessing people you thought you knew.

Don’t let this get out of hand. We’re having a friendly conversation.

When you say you’re pro-choice, they’ll say you’re going straight to hell with gasoline drawers on for being a murder and killing an innocent child.

If you are pro-choice though and you find yourself having to defend your stance way too often, stop having the conversation like Ashley stated is a form of self-care or check out this article on How To Argue Pro-Choice.

When you say you’re against abortion, they’ll ask who are you to tell someone else what to do with their body, right?

My question is, if everyone is entitled to their own opinion why isn’t everyone entitled to their own choice?

Let’s talk.

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