I Wasn’t Broke But I Was Broken

I saw a status that read: “EVERYBODY Know About Food Stamps & Noodles But Mfs Don’t Know About Laundry Mats (Laundromats🙄), Boiling Water On the Stove For Baths, and Lighting Candles In the House BeCause The Power Went Off But It Wasn’t Storming! Mfs DON’T Know About Shoes Only For School & Sleeping On the Couch Or Floor. Mfs Don’t Know About Getting Food At A Food Pantry, Sleeping Fully Clothed All in 1 room Cause The Heat Off & Hand Washing Clothes In the Sink Or Tub! If You Ain’t Struggle In Real Pain, I Don’t Expect You To Understand Me or My Hustle 🤞🏾💯 I NEVER ATE OFF A SILVER SPOON PERIODT. I’ve been getting it out the mud Dick” 

My thoughts :

I see these a lot and I take it as people trying to make you feel bad for not coming up the way that they did, or not having to go thru a struggle AS BAD as them some times. Then they get mad at people like me who never had to witness that shit.

I ain’t grow up rich but I grew up comfortably and had whatever I wanted no matter how my people had to get it. We struggled, not in a lot of these ways, but my mama wasn’t one to STAY in a struggle. My mama and daddy busted their asses so we ain’t have to do this. I never helped my mama pay a bill and if I lived there now I still wouldn’t. Shit got cut off, but I can count on one hand how many times and it was never for long, BUT THAT DOESN’T MEAN I DONT HAVE A REASON TO GRIND OR BE HOW I AM.

I didn’t grow up with a silver spoon but it wasn’t plastic . I hustle because I like what I like and I’m used to a certain lifestyle. Some people didn’t struggle financially but emotionally and mentally. Personally, I feel that’s worse than being broke. Imagine growing up not broke but still broken inside and alone. I’ll trade money for healthy relationships any day.

Me and my girlfriend, Asia grew up in two totally different ways. We both had struggles growing up (1 financially & 1 emotionally/mentally), every time we would share stories we’d both be like “damn that’s why you fucked up 😂” … but I was the spoiled one and we still related in so many ways.

I used to tell her how I wish I had what she did and she’d always tell me she wish she was as spoiled as I was. Spoiled and unhappy is not what you want baby 😂 I’ve been the black sheep. I still am. Will forever be. But that made me strong . Being HURT and UNHAPPY as a child made me strong.

I’m bulletproof now.

Dae, A Grown Ass Black Woman

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