Keep the sugar and the daddy…

Once upon a time there was this guy…

Wait, scratch that… Once upon a time, there was this OLD ASS MAN (well he wasn’t crusty old but old enough to be my daddy old) 

Anyways there was this man… he kept mentioning to mutual friends that he wanted me.

Now mind you, I’ve never done the “sugar daddy” thing so I didn’t really know how to respond to his request. All I knew was I was on my ass, BROKE, kids to feed, baby daddy drama & I needed what he was offering. I didn’t know how to approach the situation so I got my friend to do the talking for me! 

She exaggerated the hell out of the situation and told the man some shit along the lines of me longing for the nigga.

Yea yea..whatever. I let her make him feel good.

She gave him my number and we went from there. We texted a lot. He asked me to tell him everything about me leaving out no details and I did in hopes that this influenced a bigger bag when the time came. I uninterestedly asked him about him and his wife and what brings him to want a young damsel in distress like myself.  His response… he was simply just bored with her and looking for a new young flame. 


Anyway. I acted as if I cared. We then planned our first meet up. 

As disgusted as the situation made me feel when I thought about it, I was actually kind of excited to meet him. I made sure I looked and smelled very sexy! I also made sure my friend was on speed dial to call me out of the situation if need be. 

We met at Stroubees, one of the best Steak Houses in BR. He was soooo boring. He acted so shy the entire time. He was nothing like he acted in the text. I wasn’t even very disappointed because my expectations weren’t high at all. He asked for a kiss when we were leaving and I couldn’t do it.

As soon as I got in the car I called my friend and cursed her out for allowing me to even go! Lol. At that moment I knew I wasn’t built to be a sugar baby at all. Couldn’t stomach it.

From that day forward I knew I had to get my raggedy ass up bright and early for work with a smile because the easy way out just wasn’t my forte.

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