Missing This Man’s Bed…

I grew up in a small town.

When I graduated high school I decided to move to Baton Rouge for better opportunities. The crazy thing is I took with me the huge burden of a very draining relationship! Not only did he cheat and embarrass me every chance he got, but he also relied on me heavily for EVERYTHING! He didn’t work so I paid for everything including all the bills at my apartment. It eventually became too much to bear so I broke up with him, broke my lease, & moved back home. I still worked & went to school in BR though..so I would commute daily. 

After the breakup, I felt a HUGE weight lifted off of me! Financially, spiritually, and physically!

I was then introduced to the BR club scene where I began to make a lot of friends..male & female. One friend, in particular, was extremely attractive in every way imaginable.

This friend had a gorgeous smile, smelled amazing every time I ran into him, had his OWN SPOT (which was a first for me), own car, had a decent job..etc. We talked for what felt like hours one night at the infamous Triple A! (Lol) Eventually the employees kicked us out so he hit me with the “wanna come by my place” line.. I have to admit the gesture was tempting considering it was almost 3 am, I was a little tipsy, and I now lived almost an hour away. I tried to remain strong and say no, but that smile…that scent…the satisfaction of finally feeling wanted and respected by a real man…

As he walked me to my car I couldn’t help but continue to consider his offer. He assured me that he would make sure I’m straight. He wouldn’t cross any boundaries at all, he just didn’t want me driving that far, that late, and under the influence.

I gave in…

When we arrived at his apartment he offered me a t-shirt and shorts if I wanted to take a shower. We both showered and chilled in the living room and talked. I’m showered, tipsy, and kinda wanting the dick, but he sat wayyyy far away from me.

He tells me he’s going to bed because he has work in the AM. He also gives me an invitation to take his bed and tells me he’d sleep on the couch. I had to maintain my good girl role so I go to get in his bed and attempt to sleep.

OMG! My hormones were soooo wrong for the way they cut up! I texted him from the other room and asked him to please massage my back before he went to bed. (Always reel em in this way) I didn’t get a response but I hear footsteps slowly approaching the bedroom.

Before I hear the door open, he peeks in and asks,

”You sure that’s all you want?” At this point, I’m in a puddle…I replied, “Well, what else you wanna offer?” He didn’t say another word. 

90s r&b started to play through the speaker and began to softly slide my shirt over my head. As he firmly rubbed his hands across my back, he placed sweet soft kisses behind my ear. Still, no words are spoken – he moved the rub down from my back to my butt.

At this point, I’m a whole entire Lil Caesars’ pizza & he knew it!

He turned me over and slid off the shorts, before devouring me like my young ass had never been eaten before in life! This man put me in positions I didn’t even know existed. He took care of my body in a way that had NEVER been done before. I mean, even to this day. He taught me things!!! Considerate; he didn’t cum until I was ready and even when he did, he went and got us warm towels. He wiped me down himself. Once we both shook back he held me in his arms ALL NIGHT. 

I woke up naturally..no alarm and nobody near me. I opened my eyes in a panic like where the hell am I?! As it dawned on me that I spent the night… I began to wonder where TF he went and WHY he didn’t wake me up to leave when he left!

I scuffle around the room to find my phone and he had texted me something along these lines: 

Good morning beautiful. I went to work, but I didn’t want to wake you. I would leave that key in your hands but its the only one at the moment, so just leave it under the mat when you go. Lmk when you wake up. 

Whew. That may not seem like much to many, but trust me it does, when you’re so used to dealing with a grown ass child. Try dealing with someone who doesn’t even run bath water for you..doesn’t even gas his own car up…

I spent plenty more mornings in his bed like that. He would never know how much of a difference he made in my life. I was shown exactly how a woman is supposed to be treated in the streets and in the sheets! 

My own insecurities caused us to lose touch over the years but we recently became friends again. He now cuts my son’s hair. I must admit, it’s so hard to look at him and not wonder what things would be like if we wouldn’t have fell off. He’s so respectful though so he never makes crosses at me. 

Those were the days…

A Grown Ass Black Woman

Is there a one that got away in your life? Tell us about him/her in the comments.

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