National Orgasm Day with Lady Luxxxe Edible Arousal Oil

I’m pretty much typing this from a cloud. It’s a euphoric feeling that has taken over me and I’m currently in a state of bliss.

This month has been full of tough decision making, mild anxiety, hella stress and a calendar full of events and deadlines.

My body was calling for rest and relaxation and rollercoaster riding and tongue tricks simultaneously.

So which call do I answer? My intuition was screaming BOFFUM, SIS!

And with the day being National Orgasm Day. Why the fuck not?

I wanted it.

I needed it.

I’ve been working my ass off.

I deserved that shit.

And I’m blessed to have this perfect for me, God-sent dreadhead to feed that hunger and pick up the load while I relax, laying on side of me every night.

“Take the break” my intuition nagged but all the while I’m thinking…

Girl, chill. You don’t have to convince me.

After months of sitting content perfectly folded in the drawer, I slipped on the lingerie gifted to me at my bridal shower.

I mean, who still wears lingerie? I show up to the party nude. But whatever. Let’s make this a special occasion.

I pour my poison… Crown apple and cranberry, (Try that shit.) and lay in the bed until my lover darkens the door.

He stares at me with those hazel eyes and I pretty much melt right there. After all this time, imagining what he sees what he looks at me and feeling that attraction is a complete turn on.

Last night, before hopping on top of my husband to ride on to an orgasmic ending, he introduced one drop of Lady Luxxxe edible CBD arousal oil and rubbed it on my clit in a circular motion. The bottle said 2-3 minutes but almost instantly I felt it happening.

This feeling was probably equivalent to a dick getting hard. It was intense. I was definitely aroused. I was ready. I was anticipating every touch, every feel, every kiss, every stroke.

Alexa play, Let’s get it onnn……

We went at it and at it.

I felt everything. Every position felt different and pushed me closer to climax. Every stroke pushed me intensified the high I was experiencing. I lived in that moment and loved every moment.

It was some powerful ass sex.

After we finished, I just laid there. My whole body was tingling. I felt this sensation all over, my toes were still curled. Damn.

I wanted to get up for an after-sex snack. I wanted a PB & J so bad but I couldn’t move. I didn’t want to move. I had gotten everything I needed from that sex.

I was relaxed.

I was carefree.

I was happy.

I had a successful orgasm day.

This was it. This was a secret I’d be selfish to keep. You need to buy several, one for your bedroom, one for your car, another for your hoe bag… your sex life will thank you.

Btw, I got extended but if you’re not ready for that grown-up stimulation, try luxxxe lift off. 🙂

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