Repurpose that Shit! Save Time & Avoid Stress Creating Content

I said it once and I got the balls to say it again, y’all mad annoying. Shit’s hard because y’all make shit hard.

I always hear y’all sing my praises and give me props for always popping up with amazing content. Although, shit’s flattering and all, y’all simple AF. You too can be on this content creating jigga train to engaged followers, if you just took the time to repurpose your content.

Things are only complicated because y’all make them complicated. There I said it! You don’t have the time to create all this content because you’re doing too much of the wrong things. You’re trying to do too much when all you need is one content source to pull from. That’s really all it is.

You need to learn how to boss up and join the winners at the roundtable. How you do that? The first step to reserving your seat is working smarter and not harder. Then, you gotta stop being so damn hard on yourself!

You’re doing a damn good job and when you start to repurpose your brilliance… Start repackaging that typed Ted talk… Start rewrapping that state of the union speech… You’re going to start to notice how much content you had just hanging out, thuggin it and lovin it in that Google drive.

You read the title so you already know where this is going. I dropped it here and there above this sentence but just in case you missed it and without further ado…


The greats do it all the time so why can’t you?

I need you to pour your heart and soul out into one piece. Dassit. One piece of content. Now, this content has to be interesting and relevant for this to work so don’t drop the ball!

I would definitely recommend starting with a blog post simply because I feel that’s it’s the easiest to work with but to each his own.

After you’ve created the sentences that sing and polished those words to perfection, it’s time to pick it up, now break that shit down! Speed it up, then slow that shit down, or in other words, repurpose your content.

So what can you do with your blog post? Here are 4 avenues you can take it.

  1. Social media – Take sentences, points from the content and create different statuses and posts using them. This can include infographics, graphics, memes. or simply, just text.

  2. Webinar – People are lazy. Sometimes, they might just skip clean over your blog posts but if you’re live or prerecorded, you may just catch their attention.

  3. Ebook – Package it up nice and pretty and sell it. Go ahead and grab my ebook on ebooks if you need a little assistance. In this ebook, I teach you how to write your ebook in one day, sell it the next, and chill.

  4. PDF download – Did someone say freebie? I’m here for it and down for it always! People love free things so place your PDF on your website as a free download. If you set it up correctly, Congratulations! You just gained a new email subscriber.

I kept this short and sweet so that you can immediately make it happen but don’t let me box you in, get creative and explore other ways to repurpose your genius.

Customers crave content. Give em what they want and let me know what you come up with in the comments!

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