Sex, CBD & Me: Recap of Sex & CBD NOLA Event

What do you get when you put 3 couples, CBD expert, madame and submissive and me on a rooftop in New Orleans? A damn good time.

Whew chile!

Thursday night, I got the opportunity to openly discuss sensual sexual secrets and paraphernalia preferences. I don’t think it could get any better than that.

Talking to people who were as confident in what they wanted and who are as comfortable with their sexual appetite as I am was everything.

At one point, there was a beautiful white wife, with cornrows, sitting across from me in these chunky platform boots. Our eyes connect and she offered a warm smile as she said, “You can cum with us.”

Then someone else adds, “Multiple times.”

The night was very interesting, Well really, interesting is an understatement.

I’m sitting there feeling relaxed as hell from the CBD and stuck somewhere between…

and wanting to text my husband to see how fast he could get to that rooftop.

I mean, no lines were crossed. No “off the wall” things occurred but it was almost as if I was right on schedule for the perfect orgy.

Since you were not there, let me just say this was a moment you would have wanted to live vicariously through me.

Still being in the newlywed phase, I’m probably in the bedroom more often than not. With that though, there’s a strong need to keep things “spicy” to avoid things becoming routine or constantly relying on the same positions for pleasure.

Because of that, events like Sex & CBD are right up my alley. Teach me a new way to please my man and educate me on this CBD that’s quickly becoming a buzz word.

Here’s what I saw that piqued my interest and immediately made me add to calendar:

The advertisement went on to read:

“Learn how to use the benefits of CBD in the bedroom. Lady Luxxxe CBD Erotic Pleasures wants you to feel good all summer long with their Sex & CBD tour. Treat yourself to a tantalizing 3-course meal cooked right before your eyes. Learn how to blend CBD elements into your nightly routine relax. When the lights go down, class is in session. Interactive tantra for beginners workshop will pull you out of your element and into intimacy. The audience is encouraged to volunteer for demonstrations. Feeling shy, there is plenty of CBD hemp flower being passed around for a smoke session to ease your nerves. At the end of the night, you can put what you’ve learned to use as you leave with samples and a goody bag of the good stuff.”

Sex & CBD is a tantric CBD dining and discovery experience with complimentary infused cocktails, 3-course meal, tantric demonstrations & more.

And more it was. It was not an event. It was an experience.

The salad vinegarette was infused with CBD.

The cocktails were infused with CBD.

The meal was infused with CBD.

The damn dessert was infused with CBD.

And compliments to the chef cause Myi did the damn thing. Everything was so full of flavor and although, you could feel the effects of the CBD (which felt amazing btw) you couldn’t taste it.

Hopefully, Myi drops a CBD cookbook soon!

Then when it was time for her to tell us all about Lady Luxxxe and the CBD products she educated us on each, incorporated giveaways and let us touch, feel, smell and enjoy the products rather than push us to buy.

*Photo is from 1st Sex & CBD event not the NOLA event

I was nervous thinking the event may be the typical Mary Kay style direct sales or MLM “party” but what a relief to find out that it was far from it!

Now, moving on to the demonstration! When she walked in with red fishnet stockings I knew it was on!

Not only was it a lesson in “pleasing my man” or myself but how to heal him through sex. How to cure him while straddling him, releasing him of whatever it is bothering him before we release, how to tap into his intuition and other things before allowing him the opportunity to tap this ass.

Alexa play Please Me – Cardi B & Bruno Mars


She instructed us on how a long intimate night of healing, whether we have intercourse or not, making no difference, could reveal itself more beneficial than a fuck.

*Photo is from 1st Sex & CBD event not the NOLA event

Us synchronizing our breathing, discussing our needs, wants, and desires in a candle-lit room, with the assistance of sounds of Usher or the fucking rainforest, herbs, CBD and essential oils to set the tone and aid in the manifestation.

When she said, “I don’t always swallow cum cause I don’t want that nigga on my mind like that!”

Whew! That statement alone had me really thinking back on all of my sexual encounters, curious as to what effects each sex partner had, had on me. Even more curious as to what energy attached itself to me in my attempt for an orgasm. That’s some deep shit.

I could go on and on about this event but I have some work to do strategically planning my very own tantric experience with my husband.

Narcisse, A Grown Ass Black Woman

If, or should I say, when Sex & CBD comes to your city don’t miss out. Follow Sex & CBD and Lady Luxxxe on Instagram to stay updated. In the meantime, shop the products at

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