TAKE CARE OF HER – 10 Feminine Hygiene Tips to Keep You Fresh This Summer!

Deodorant? Check… Gum? Check… Pussy power? Let’s double-check that.

Trust me when I say this post is one you’re going to want to bookmark to reference even after sundress season has come and gone.

It’s getting warmer out and clothing pieces are getting shorter – like a lot shorter. Being thick all my life hasn’t always been the sweetest (if you know what I mean) especially with clothes fitting tightly and thighs that constantly rub together. My body heat would turn my cookies into a heated mess – until I learned how to keep jar fresh.

I’m a married woman, so my freshness is necessary and my husband has become hipped to my methods and very fond of the results.

I remember sharing with him about how at a very young, in middle school, I was very self-conscious of my feminine hygiene. I didn’t fully understand all of the puberty stuff. A lot of guys were starting to like me and a lot of females were bullying me because of what they thought they knew about was hidden under my clothing.

When I got to high school, I started to focus on what I could change so I would not endure the same problems with older (and probably meaner) girls because I would know for sure that I was good.

Of course, daily showers are something we as women KNOW to do, but in between that how do we keep it right, tight, and ready when your man hits you with that love on sight?

Well…since you asked…here are 10 FREE tips that you can keep in your back pocket — or your bathroom drawer, jewelry box, honestly wherever you wish to keep them:

DISCLAIMER: I am not a doctor; just a woman with experience sharing what she has found to work for her and hoping it will be beneficial to others.

  1. SHOWER In the shower… wash her separately. If you normally use 2 wash clothes (one for the face and one for the body), add one more to the bunch and give it a name because it’s about to become well acquainted with you. I recommend using a white washcloth for this because it is free of dyes that could possibly irritate you if your cookie jar is overly sensitive to things. I personally prefer a white or light colored baby washcloth because they are softer and the size is perfect for the area it will clean. ADDITIONAL TIP: WASH THIS CLOTH WITH AN UNSCENTED OR FREE AND CLEAR DETERGENT

  2. SKIP THE DOUCHE BOO! They say they “clean you out” but do they really? Nah. For some of us, they just add more problems to the bowl. Try to avoid sticking anything foreign up there and definitely try to avoid shooting foreign liquids up there too. Instead, try a diluted Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) bath (with cool/warm water). It can help rebalance your pH and hopefully avert any chance of yeast and bad bacterial growth down there. Don’t be turned off by the smell, I can assure you that it won’t stick so just sit, soak and let the H2O and the mother do its thing on that thang.

  3. When you wash it, rinse it with cool water and be sure to pat it dry. It’s more refreshing and for me, it keeps the temperature from rising prematurely down there. It is also important to dry her fully so that no extra (and unnatural) moisture is stuck in any creases and given the opportunity to cause problems * wink wink *

  4. Keep your feminine washes limited or try to stick to one UNSCENTED wash. Extra fragrances can be irritating to some and can sometimes do the opposite of its job. I recommend using the Wal-Mart brand of unscented feminine wash. It’s inexpensive and still effective!

  5. Loosen up your buttons baby! Tight pants, tight panties and all of those things may be “cute” on your curves for a moment, but prolonged wear could cause you to sweat, chaff, or turn un-sweet in uncomfortable ways. Keep in mind that we don’t want to suffocate her; she’s got to breathe too!

  6. EAT FRESH – Eat more fresh cranberries (I like to eat fresh watermelon too) and yogurt and CHILL on them canned pineapples baby girl! Cranberries and cranberry juice (no sugar added) help fight bacteria in your urinary tract, prevent UTIs, and keep vaginal bacterial infections from creeping up on you like our beloved “Aunt Flo” does sometimes.

  7. PLAIN YOGURT is probiotic rich and contains good bacteria that can help prevent those unwarranted and unwanted yeast infections. So get you some plain yogurt and throw in some fresh cranberries and let your snack pull double duty on your little lady and your gut (now that’s a plus!).

  8. COTTON PANTIES – Wear cotton panties and panty liners but change the liners often! Breathability is IMPORTANT so cotton panties (or at least cotton crotch panties) will allow for air to flow through better and for her to BREATHE. And though some women claim they “don’t have” this – some of us have a natural discharge that can cause an odor if it catches the cotton of our panties and sits too long in the mix of sweat and warmth. I recommend using light unscented liners that are small enough to carry around that you can change often.

  9. DITCH THE POWDER… like seriously – save that for your sneakers. Powders can potentially cause issues that are more damaging to your health than people promote like ovarian cancer. So it’s better to just skip them altogether BUT sis if you must, be light on it! As an alternative, I recommend carrying around unscented wipes that you can use to freshen up with when you take bathroom trips or change your liner.

  10. GO TO THE DOCTOR – Last but certainly not least, schedule routine OBGYN checkups and learn from them! Don’t be afraid to ask questions about your body so if anything abnormal happens; you know what to do or who to call!

Of course, there are still other tips for keeping yourself fresh in the summer months, but these are what I found to be the most notable. I have come a LONG way from my middle school insecurities with these tips and its only right that I pass them along to other women and girls.

Again, I am not a doctor. While some things may be proven, others are things that were tried and worked for me.

Feel free to try them all! Make habits of the ones you like and kick the ones that don’t work for you and your body – I promise I won’t be mad.

Inez (Jay) Roberts – a grown ass black woman

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