That One Time When Curiosity Killed The Cat

So BOOM! To be honest, I don’t even know where to start. Let’s rewind to when she was introduced to us at work. Shawty had just been hired. I cannot and will not lie. She was beautiful. She was thick. She was friendly. Her smile was everything. Shit, she was everything.

Can you believe as gay as I am, I did not try to holla. I really didn’t. I wouldn’t say I was afraid. If you know me, I’ll shoot my shot from the outside of the gym. However, I didn’t get the slightest indication that she was interested. In my mind, she just wasn’t that “type of girl” so I remained respectful.

As the months passed, we (co-workers) all started hanging out. We started going to bars etc together. At this time, I was talking to another co-worker. She was cool, but see, Shawty … you know how Chris Brown said “you got it, girl! You got it!” Shawty had it. I ain’t lyin’, but I stayed in my lane because once again, she never gave me any indication that I could shoot my shot. Plus, Shawty had a nigga that she was hella in love with. So who am I to interrupt?

Now, I’m about to fast forward … a few days after us all going out. Shawty texted me separately outside of the group and told me how fun I was to be around. Okay, I didn’t think anything of it because it wasn’t like she blatantly said “…. I want you to eat my pussy!” So I kept it simple and replied with a “You as well. (:”

Now, as the days pass by, I’m noticing that she is texting me individually a lot. She’s even making little slick ass remarks. But I’m slow so I’m still in the dark. Yes, I’m that slow. You literally have to tell me that you want me to put my head between your legs. After a few days, she finally told me that she was intrigued by me and that she basically was interested.

Two weeks later, we have our first official chill session. Now, Shawty had been flirting with me. And I could tell from her text messages what she wanted. It was just so weird because she gives me innocent vibes. I ain’t one to put my mouth on you so soon, but Shawty knew what she wanted. I get to her house sipping on a daquiri. She had just come from a party and she had on this fitted dress with a high-cut split. I ain’t lying I was drooling, but I played it cool. So she changes out of her dress into some lil shorts.

I’m still playing it cool. We get on the sofa and we start watching scary movies. We cuddling, vibing, and shit. We must have fell asleep because around 1:30. Shawty wakes me up and says “let’s go get in the bed!” I’m like “okay, this girl really with it!”

We get in the bed and we’re cuddling once again. Lord, I’m so sleepy, but I know I HAVE to get the business cleared. It’s a must. Next thing, you know these fucking hands get a mind of their own and they’re sliding those PINK panties off. As I’m sliding her panties off, she goes “ …, what are you doing?”

Of course, I said “nothing!” as I proceeded to slide my fingers inside of her. Next thing you know, I got my head between her legs. She’s saying my name, got her fingers running through my hair. This girl even asked me “where I learned how to eat pussy?” I couldn’t even answer her. All I could do is laugh. After I devoured the pussy and gave her first “lesbian” experience, shit between us progressed quickly. Lol. If you’re still wondering, yes, we still fucking around and yes, that’s Baee (;

- Anonymous, A Grown Ass Black Woman

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