The Rules to Giving Great Head

You say “bae, I’m nasty.” He say, “me too”.

Hey, I get it I love Gates too but do you really know what you’re doing or are you just an expert at talking shit?

Are you overselling and inexperienced? Or are you the penis whispering freak of the week.

Receiving head should be the ultimate experience for him. Your mouth should be a passageway to pure ecstasy. The ride should be filled with tons of eyes rolls and toe curls and should have him arriving at an orgasmic oasis.

Are you taking your man on a trip or are you trippin?

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner so I wanted to make sure you were fully prepared for the task at hand.

I know, I know you’ve held a couple of internships and feel that you’ve graduated from Porn Hub University, so you’re pretty confident in our head game. I get it. I feel that I’m untouchable but here’s some advice on enjoying a mouthful of our favorite vegetable from the eggplant owners themselves.

Is sloppy top what really satisfies him or is he seeking a quick spit and hit? What do men absolutely hate on the receiving end?

Are you following all the right rules?

I mean, head just may be the secret to getting him off the PlayStation and into your panties. So, keep reading because just like then, it gets really juicy!

I asked a few men to tell me about the things that hate females to do when giving them head and here are their responses…

First is when they do that “extra shy” act before hand. So now you gotta awkwardly hype up her confidence or back off because you don’t wanna add pressure. 2nd is when they’re in the act & wanna hold small conversations or talk sexy to you. NOOOOOO. – JayTeeth, & cotton mouth i know you said one . But those two go hand in hand – Joe

I hate when females stop when I’m about to nut or try to go fast but be damn near biting ya dick. – Patrick

Stop – Bernard

Stop before I nut or scrape my shit with their teeth. Don’t take my hands off their neck. – Dexter

Look me in my eyes so I can talk my shit and don’t spit too much. and suck with some effort. – David

Don’t do the same up and down boring motion and only use one hand with no movement in that hand and suck with some sound and emotion. – Darren

When a lady stops to suck balls and do it too hard like bruh at least keep jerking same time. Stop being so rough and why are you sucking them anyway go back to the *eggplant emoji* -Vince

Not extra sloppy but add some moist to it that actually makes it feel good. – Mark

Don’t use your teeth. Don’t pull it back to hard. Don’t beat it too hard and never beat it while it’s dry. Don’t suck my balls too hard. – Willie

Don’t suck it without enough spit. Women have to let the saliva and pre cum mix and flow. – Quinton

Don’t stop when I’m cumming, suck too hard or keep taking breaks. – Shawn

Judging by their responses there’s a thin line between pain and pleasure.

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