What to Expect Smoking All Chakra’d Out Herbal Blend

Typically, after the stresses of life have threatened to take a toll on me and I’m overdue for a wind down, weed and whiskey come to my rescue and retire me to a place worth admiring.

In moments of pure fuckery and utter chaos, I hit the bong and move it right along. I needed calm in a world full of chaos and Mary Jane always comes visiting with that calm as a tag along. Then I roll up something so pretty, so perfect that you‘d probably start calling me the Michelangelo of Marijuana. Let me be modest though.

Even with me already happily married to my ”vice”, it was something about Ty’s all chakra’d out herbal blend that picqued my interest though. Maybe it was the name, maybe it was the packaging but I definitely wanted to try it out.

Ty has this energy about her that draws you in and I know that energy is transferred to her Spiritually Bougie products. Her authenticity and transparency is contagious and encourages you to be open and honest with yourself. I’d like to think we’re similar in that way. That’s why to me, we’re homegirls and ain’t nobody can tell me otherwise.

Moving along (before you try it! Lol), when she said she’d send me a gift, it felt like fucking Christmas! Baby, when I tell you I was over the moon!

Days later, the package arrived in the mail. I was excited AF and couldn’t wait to try it out but of course, life silly ass wanted to interrupt every time just the thought would cross my mind to indulge.

Then, that magical day came. I was booked and busy but absolutely over the bullshit. Sitting down after a long day of corn dog crisis, potty training problems, and crazy clients. On top of all that, go ahead and add in the initial madness of the corona virus and lack of communication in work spaces.

In this circus, I wanted to be higher than the damn tightrope. I wasn’t sure if all chakra‘d out would be that knight with shining bezel to sweep me off my feet like a dust bunny in the corner but it was definitely worth a shot.

Instead of running to the bathroom like 692638638826 other times before to escape my reality and imagine that I wasn’t on a porcelain throne but really on a beach in Bora Bora. I rolled up this coulda been tea coulda been cannabis blend into something worth desiring.

Now, a complete sense of calm is over me. It’s like I can slip into a meditation at any moment. I’m at peace.

I definitely shouldn't have started my session while I was on the phone because my friend on the other end kept checking to see if I was okay. Okay? I’m perfect. I’ve never felt like this more. I had completely zoned out of the conversation and hopped on this magical carpet with Aladdin ass. I was Jasmine in this whole new world.

I legit laid back in my bed and all my problems vanished. Not a care in the world! I was just there enjoying the moment with a new fantastic point of view.

Ty doesn’t sell herbal blends, Ty sells resets. Ty sells magic carpet experiences.

Grab your blend here, or get the whole starter kit here because you need all the extras and some cute ass matches.

Narcisse, A Grown Ass Black Woman

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