When She Earns More Than He Does


you know that at least one in four wives make more money than their husbands? In addition, in three out of four marriages, incomes are almost equal. Yet the idea of the man as the provider and the woman as the homemaker persists.

The strange fact is that most couples ignore the fact that income roles have changed. Even though most people state that men and women are equal, many men are still ashamed to earn less than their wives. By the same token, wives usually never admit to earning more for fear of hurting their spouse. However, it shouldn’t matter who makes more because it’s a joint effort to succeed.

The Money is a Joint Asset

In marriage, even if you don’t live in a joint property state, most couples who have a long-term happy marriage see the income as a joint asset. Income from the man and the woman are part of the joint assets, and all of it is considered when financial decisions are made.

Examine Your Marriage Roles

If you’re bothered by making more than your spouse or vice versa, you really need to examine your marriage roles. If you’re trying to maintain a traditional marriage due to your religious beliefs, you can still do that even if the woman earns more as the income is a joint asset of both couples and not owned by just the person who earns it. The other parts of the role don’t have to change based on who earns more.

Communicate Openly & Transparently

Sometimes people do build up resentments if one spouse earns less regardless of which spouse it is. That may increase when it’s the wife earning more than the husband, but that is only due to societal pressures. Don’t allow society to place responsibilities on either of you. If you are both doing jobs, you enjoy doing, that’s what matters.

Income Equality Increases Income Equity Will Too

Our society is in flux right now. Women are finally starting to catch up with their male counterparts regarding income. That is a good thing. A damn good thing! No matter what your personal beliefs are, everyone doing the same job should receive same pay, taking into account that the skill levels and experience is the same. The more this occurs, the more likely you’re going to have cases where women make more than men. Again, this is a good thing for the world.

There is no shame in women earning more than men. In fact, the more equal women become in the workplace commanding the same salaries as men the better for everyone.

It really should not be a negative issue in your marriage. If you are both happy in your lives and careers, it shouldn’t matter.

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