Why y’all take Elderberry syrup then go get a 4 fa 4?

"Why y’all take Elderberry syrup then go get a 4 fa 4?"

I posed the question on a Facebook status recently and the reactions were a “laughing matter”. I seriously wanted to know though.

See our people tend to kid and joke about any and everything until things are very serious. I get it. There’s nothing wrong with getting a good laugh in, it’s actually good for your soul. Other times though, things need serious attention.

With the topic of elderberry syrup, I wanted to give a quick brief lesson on what it does for you.

Don’t exit yet this is not a college lecture!

Elderberry syrup is an immune supporter naturally from the earth. It’s known for fighting flu/colds, fevers, blood sugar control...the list goes on. When taking such a natural herb to boost your immune system you want to meet it halfway with what you consume.

See, we was brought up on “eat to fulfill” and not “how to eat to live” We think we can take a tablespoon of E.B.S and continue with consuming junk, fast foods, processed foods and think that the natural herbs we take suppose to “HEAL” you..

AHT AHT WRONG! You're wasting your money and you're wasting your time by not meeting your immune system halfway. It’s common sense.

For example:

Completing a full 30-minute cardio workout + eating 2 McDoubles and a large fry= WASTED WORKOUT

Simple enough?

We, as a community, have to be more suitable when it comes to our physical health. We are doing great by taking over our mental and emotional health. Now, it’s onto getting fit physically and be the healthiest versions of ourselves. Take care of YOU. Your temple is crying for a new way of working for you.

I found this recipe for homemade elderberry syrup that may be helpful. Check it out! https://youtu.be/nNk5-3JihnY

-L.C Davis, A Grown Ass Black Woman

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