You Can’t Pay Bills With Passion

Stop chasing the pay and start chasing your passion!

You’ve more than likely seen that message more than you can count. The part that they’re not elaborating on is that you have to make sure that it makes sense.

Yes, you should follow your dreams.

Yes, you should do things that make you happy.

Yes, if you’re unhappy with your situation you need to make changes.

Yes, If you truly love what you do and you devote your time and efforts to that, the money won’t be far behind.

In all things, choose happiness. Not what makes ya mama happy, ya pops, ya spouse, or your miserable ass auntie.

You gotta do this for you!

If you’re mentally in a good place, you’re able to make better decisions not just in business but in all areas of your life.

So, don’t start no damn lash company just because you see so and so winning with it. You know good and well you never applied a lash nor cared bout one a day in your life.

Don’t just go choose “happiness” all willy nilly. Make it make sense.

What’s for you, will be for you. What’s not for you, you can’t force it to be.

Just because they appear to be happy with it doesn’t mean you will be.

Just because it’s successful for them doesn’t mean it’ll make you rich.

I get it. You’re tired. You’re fed up. You’re looking for a way out. 9 outta 10, choosing happiness for you might be quitting your job.

Let me tell you from experience, it’s better to be tired at that 9-5 with a fasho paycheck than to be struggling trying to profit off of someone else’s passion project with not a pot to piss in.

Your God-given gift is the key to your success and that gift will make room for you.

And that’s even if it starts as a side hustle.

Stop letting people convince you that you can’t do both.

People will say you shouldn’t have a 9-5 and bully you into entrepreneurship.

People will try shame you for being broke as hell trying to chase a dream.

No matter what your situation is, people will have their opinions and that’s all it is, their opinions.

So, if you’re not feeling your 9-5, stack your bread and then buss. Don’t just jump blindly into the sea of deception because they told you the grass was greener. The grass probably fake.

You should always let what works for you, work for you. Ain’t nothing wrong with having a 9-5 to pay the bills and fund your dreams.

Just because they’re not posting pictures of them clocking in, doesn’t mean they’re not.

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