You’re STILL Full Of It! – Tips for Weight Loss Beyond the Tea

What in this world would we say is better than quick money? Quick weight loss!

We all want to be snatched but we all can’t afford to go under a knife to get it done quickly. So many of us are looking for affordable and quick ways to get that tuck and save a buck and one pretty popular product among my followers for this quick fix is detox tea.

It’s like the new “it” thing for weight loss and all of my followers are always asking, “Who sells detox tea?” but the question after is does it really work or is it just a load of crap? – Literally.

From where I sit, detox teas are being used as a real method of weight loss and while there is nothing wrong with using them, it’s the dependency that is the problem. There is nothing like piling on 10 lbs. of subcutaneous fat and thinking that 2 cups of tea a day will zap it away… Nah sis let’s be real about this, you’re still full of it.

By definition detox tea is just what it is called – a detox. These teas are meant to help get rid of wastes and toxins that your body hold onto and somewhere along with the flush it should give you a boost of energy – NOT get rid of all the weight you gained from months or weeks of bad eating habits.

Now don’t get me wrong, there are some detox teas that have ingredients to help you burn calories and shed some actual fat, but you still have to put in some work for real results; and that’s why I’m writing this for you.

Since I have lost over 20lbs in the last year or so, I know the disappointment some of us see when we try these teas and don’t see the results we think we should be getting.

Honestly, I had to realize that was because I had convinced myself that a drink could undo the damage I had done to my body over a period of years when I knew it couldn’t.

So instead of being disappointed that my tea didn’t make me lose 30 lbs. in 30 days, I used the boost it gave me to catalyze my weight loss journey into something more.

Instead of stopping after the tea, I took my detox regimen and turned it into something that really works for my body and my goals and now I am getting the results I want.

Here’s how:

Sis, exercise! Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know when a lot of us see that word we huff and sigh as if it’s something that we absolutely dread, but we actually shouldn’t. A method of burning calories and losing weight comes with the increasing of your heart rate, which we do by exercise. Brisk walks, jogging, cardio, weight lifting – whatever your method may be, let it work for you!

Detox teas work to remove those toxins that drain your energy or make you feel sluggish, so with proper use, you should be seeing enough difference to make you want to push 30 minutes on a treadmill or 15 minutes walking around your neighborhood. If your tea has additional fat burning ingredients, getting active enough will be a boost for the burn!

DISCLAIMER: For the best weight loss result, more exercise may be required. Consult your doctor before engaging in more strenuous or intense exercises and consult a trainer who can help you create workout plans that fit your body and your goals.

Do a diet check. Now when I say diet, I don’t mean that you need to eat salad all day every day until you see the scale drop twenty, I just mean what you eat in general.

If your daily diet consists of sweets, carbs, high fats, and high-calorie foods, you most likely won’t see your changes well or as good as they should be. Different body types and goals require different types of diets, but for the most part not eating a lot of sweets, heavy carbs, or fatty foods can help our bodies burn calories better instead of holding on to them.

I recommend adding in more soluble fiber to keep you full and boost your metabolism a bit. Trading out sweets like candies and milkshakes for fresh fruits and smoothies or trading deep-fried and smothered chicken wings for grilled or air fried wings can also reduce the number of unnecessary calories that you intake!

TIP: Eating more fat-fighting foods can increase your weight loss results. Some foods to try would be yogurt, peppers, pears & apples, raw veggies and my ALL time summer favorite, watermelon!

Drink more water…seriously.

Now we all have probably been told multiple times to drink more water…and we should! A higher intake of water helps the body metabolize fats and move toxins out of your body regularly so you don’t always have to depend on a detox tea to do the trick.

Water can also help your appetite and help you eat or snack less because it gives you a sense of fullness so I recommend it at any time of the day and especially before meals.

Learn your body, INSIDE and out. This is a little off the charts for some, but important to know. Earlier I mentioned that different body types and goals require different diets and workouts right? Well, some of these differences are more internal than external.

When I first started losing weight, I thought that it was all eating green and working out for hours a day…I was wrong. I started researching and watching other weight loss journeys and realized that there may be other factors that contribute to weight gain or my inability to lose more weight.

One major factor that I discovered for myself was my thyroid. Now I am not going to give a big spill on what this is but overall it is an organ that affects our metabolism, which is our body’s chemical processing of fats to convert them to energy.

Slower metabolisms have slower processes and usually see more weight gain or slower weight loss, while higher metabolisms process faster and usually see better weight loss. So what did that tell me? I needed to find things that could improve my thyroid health and speed up my metabolism so that my weight loss methods could be even more effective, and they did.

Let your body tox! Y’all know how people always say stay woke? Well, I say stay regular…because it will really help! Who wants to be backed up all the time anyway?

Keeping your body regular keeps a natural detox so that you spend money less on tea, and your body spends more time doing what it was made to do.

Water is one thing that we know keeps a natural detox going in our bodies, but probiotics are definitely running in second place! Probiotics became my best friend in my journey especially since my biggest (and most challenging) process was getting rid of my gut.

After research, I learned that probiotics help keep your digestive system functioning properly and also keep your gut from bloating and poking. Probiotics can be naturally found in some foods like yogurt, cheese, olives, and even pickles – but watch out for that salt! Of course, if you can’t always have these foods or incorporate them in your diet often, using a probiotic supplement can give you the benefits as well.

TIP: Taking apple cider vinegar can also help your body’s detoxing and fat burning process.

Finally, let patience do her thing. As I have mentioned, different body types require different methods, workouts, and meal plans to achieve specific goals. The one thing that we all have to allow ourselves – no matter the body type or goal – is time. Having patience and focusing more on getting healthy than what the scale says every 2 days, can help you really appreciate your journey see your results better.

Throughout the process of weight loss, you are going to realize that everyone’s journey is not the same and results will not happen or happen as fast for some as it may for others and that is completely okay! Most of the time quicker results require more to maintain than the results you get from real body changes from the inside.

That said, my biggest piece of advice is this: Make it a habit to learn about and support your natural body systems so that they can work with you in your journey and put in the work.

While everyone can probably benefit from detox teas and flushes, their effectiveness alone is nothing compared to putting in the work to make it last.

Good luck on your weight loss journey!

Jay (Inez) Roberts, A Grown Ass Black Woman

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