I’ve always been ambitious and unapologetic, since as far back as when the blue magic stained test papers wouldn't diminish my academic honors, and the mean girls couldn’t get under my skin.


I was nothing but confident after a long sitting with a hair comb box and some warm water. I was invincible after the agony of pretending that that perm didn't burn so my hair could be straight straight had faded. I was ready to conquer the world after the braid lady was finished pulling my scalp into that Kankelon. They say, "When you look good, you feel good and when you feel good....You do good!"  I owe my success to my top 5.


This box smells like pink lotion and black girl magic and sounds like every 90’s r&b song that you know like the back of your hand. It’s dedicated to all the times you were burned with a hot comb because you “didn’t keep still” and lived to tell the story.  I know you got you indian in your family and you know it too, these products are the holy grail and will have the world knowing it too!


- top 5 hair miracle workers 

- 3 combs; professional metal tail fine tooth comb, rat tail comb, detangling comb

- 1 hard bristle brush, you know that kind ya mama used to pop you with 

- rubberbands to keep it right, keep it tight

- playlist because it was never quiet in the beauty salon or the kitchen beautician's chair with songs that every black girl can sing along to from the bottom of her heart 


Not afflilated with any of the brands featured in the box. 


Keisha with the Good Hair Box

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